Learning celestal navigation

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Re: Learning celestal navigation

Postby Calvin » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:41 am

Hi Ron, et.al.,

I don't know if you will ever see this based on what I read elsewhere, but I wanted to let you know what has been happening.

The fact is I got very ill just after my last postings and have only recently been able to get back to it. I re-licensed VS7, especially after being gifted a 1946 Husan Co. sextant in a mahogany case by my family on the occasion of my 59th b-day. I was disappointed to read there is so little interest in something so basic as navigation. Everyone today is so satisfied with the new-fangled GPS. I wonder how confident they would be if they knew there are two (or more?) GPS systems. One for the general public, including public global use and one maintained by the U.S. military. In case there was ever a belligerent foreign power that tried to use the GPS to attack targets the public system could be "turned off." One doesn't have to think too far ahead to consider "other" ramifications, eh?

Anyway, I hope life is well for you and we will all see some success in having a useful sextant modeled for the customers.

Take care.
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