Is there a specific vehicle you would like to see in VSF? Perhaps you could add it to the wishlist. Please remember to provide as much information about the vehicle as possible to increase your chances of someone taking on the project.


Postby USSMacon » Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:12 am

Hello, I’m back again with another idea that has some potential in this program. Recently I’ve noticed a lack of new tracked vehicles for VSF that being said one vehicle idea that could work considering no ones ever done it before is the idea of halftracks. I looked at 3d Warehouse and there are plenty of models of halftracks there that one could use to put this particular class of vehicle in VSF. Most of the models there are halftracks from WWII or halftracks that while fictional are still based on real vehicles. One halftrack that would be a good candidate for this category that would be considered fictional is the huge halftrack/bushwhacker from the Disney film “The Rescuers Down Under.” So does anyone else think this would be a good group of vehicles to have available for VSF? By the way I understand that there may be some technical issues with getting a vehicle that has both tracks and two regular front wheels into VSF not to mention how much time it will take to animate the tracks on said vehicle, but I still think this idea is unique and has a lot of potential for a new class of vehicle that people can spend time making for VSF when there appears to be no other class of vehicle that people want to work on.
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