Version 2.6.4 is here, supports QuadRotors !

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Version 2.6.4 is here, supports QuadRotors !

Postby ilan » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:38 pm

Hi Everybody,

Today i have some great news for you, I have updated Vehicle Simulator with an exciting new feature,
now we have QuadRotors, and remote camera view.

In the new version the following changes were made:

Changes for version 2.6.4

Bug Fixes and new features:

• Fixed a problem that caused the program to get stuck on reading some files.
• Fixed point of view rotation after several turns in POV hat.
• Wakes on water are rendered more efficiently.
• Any vehicle type can have deck, and carry other vehicles.
• Added QuadRotor vehicle type.
• Added 8 new vertical propellers, tag names, sprop1, sprop2...8, fprop1, fprop2...8
• Added 2 camera parts, camera, camerab, for gimballed camera and base.
• Added two instrument types, joystickl, joystickr, for supporting the QuadRotor type.
• Added QuadRotor panel type.
• Added captive POV camera upon vehicle, also appears inside vehicle.cfg as [has_camera]
• Added animated pilot which appears on ground at remote location when pressing F5, or F6.
• Added remote camera view, toggled by pressing Shift + "C" on vehicles with camera.
• Added digital instrument for camera in panels, tag name, dg_camera.
• Added specific logic for Quad Rotor autopilot, for takeoff, landing, navigation and return home.

In this version you will find four new Quad Rotors, one of them is the famous Phantom 3.
To simulate Quad use any of the saved situations, Quad Rotor - Flight, Quad Rotor - fly at night, etc..
Then press P and you will see the operators panel, inside you will have a live camera feed from your Quad Rotor.

Use Joystick control to fly the Quad, also you can define two joystick in the same configuration as the Quad controller,
which is left joystick for rudder and throttle ( will make altitude and yaw ) and right joystick for aileron and elevator ( will make X, Y)

Use the autopilot to take off and hover and then take control with the joystick,
Use auto pilot to return home, press Land and the Quad will return to you.

When you are in external view ( F5, or F6 ) a human figure will appear on your spot, so when you fly the Quad you will be able
to see yourself in the camera.

Use camera controls to control the gimbals of the camera, use Zoom option in POV screen to zoom inside POV,
use HUD to see HUD for POV.

I think it a really useful feature, QuadRotors are exciting machines and there are not many good simulators for them.

Have fun, happy new year !

Thank you,

Ilan Papini
Quality Simulations
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