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About Micro Flight
Micro Flight comes with an extensive help file in the form of html manual, you can acces this help from the icons created at your start menu after installation or from the help button on the startup screen of the program.

It is recommended that your read and understand this manual before using the program itself, as many options there are unique to Micro Flight such as the mouse picking on instruments and control surfaces, the use of map, gps and more.

Micro-Flight has been written by Ilan Papini , first version released in December 2000.

Ilan is an aeronautical engineer with an extensive experience both in aeronautics and in software development.

Being a pilot of hang gliders and light airplanes for more than 15 years Ilan realized the limitations of existing simulations and decided to create a special flight simulation tailored for soaring and light aviation, the result of this effort is called Micro-Flight.


Ilan has written to date two more simulations:

  • Hang Sim which is an immersive and realistic Hang Gliding flight simulator ( released 1998 and published by Wilco publishing in early 1999)
  • Virtual Sailor which is an immersive and realistic sailing simulation ( released 1999 )

Micro-Flight is the latest addition to this line of simulations and continues the tradition of an immersive and realistic simulaton in a non violent virtual environment.

All of the three simulations featured open data formats for creating scenery, boats and planes, and this allowed many users to create scenery and vehicles for them.

Many dedicated users helped these programs over the years, without their support with add-ons, comments and ideas, these programs would have not been as valuable as they are today.

My special thanks to: