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Complete list of modifications in Micro Flight 5.2

Micro Flight 5.2 - Updated features (20/03/09)

* Improved daytime lighting of arrays.
* More accurate point lights at night.
* DDS and JPG files can be used for all graphics.
* Scenery and land textures can use JPG files only.
* Path is cleared when passing in and out of atmosphere.
* More accurate and flattened roads.
* Night textures for roads and runways.
* Fog in orbit was fixed.
* Blue fog effects with increased altitude.
* Dark roads and Dark Runways ( DarkRoad , DarkPatch ).
* Roads textures and lights mapped by length.
* Improved water bump and reflection mapping.
* Improved water planes simulation.
* Colored light roads and beacons. (Red, Green, Blue, White, Strobe, Vasi).
* Speed optimization for arrays and objects.

Micro Flight 5 - Latest features (01/02/05)

General features:

* Netplay was completely rewritten and works well now.
* Graphic performance was boosted with hardware vertex processing.
* The program was compiled for DirectX9.0c compatibility.

Airplane flight model:

* Propeller pitch can be controlled using mouse pick on panel or plane handles.
* Fuel mixture can be controlled using mouse pick on panel or plane handles.
* Prop efficiency can be adjusted.
* Fuel mixture and air density effects power available.
* Fuel mixture can shut down the engine when ratio is outside ignition curve.
* Ground steering made less sensitive with speed increase.
* Paraglide flight model improved.

User interface:

* Additional keys control the engine, propeller and mixture.
* Added screen for joystick button assignment.
* Improved screen for joystick axis assignment.
* Powerful button assignment for 16 buttons for each of 8 joysticks.
* Powerful axis assignment for 5 axes for each of 8 joysticks.
* Assigned axes: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle, Pitch, Mixture, POV/TrackIR.

Instrument types:

"brakes" - spoilers up down handle.
"yoke" - yoke with rotate and push action
"pthrot" - push throttle
"throt" - rotating throttle handle
"ppitch" - push propeller pitch handle
"pitch" - rotating propeller pitch handle
"pmixt" - push fuel mixture handle
"mixt" - rotating fuel mixture handle.
"manpr" - manifold pressure indicator.

Airplane parts:

"ppitch" - push propeller pitch handle
"pitch" - rotating propeller pitch handle
"pmixt" - push fuel mixture handle
"mixt" - rotating fuel mixture handle.

Airplane parameters:

"[has_brakes]" - airplane has spoilers ( 1 or 0)
"[pitch_ratio]" - max/min propeller pitch ratio ( typical 1.65 )
"[mixt_ratio]" - min/max fuel mixture ratio ( typical 0.5 )
"[eta_prop]" - prop efficiency ( typical 0.85 )
"[ccw_left]" - left side propellers rotate counter clockwise
"[ccw_right]" - right side propellers orate counter clockwise

Modifications done in Micro Flight 5:

Terrain Engine:

* Terrain engine replaced, uses variable level of detail mesh and land texture.

* Land texture is generated by altitude and not by tiles.

* Land engine offers 150 km visibility, up to 50 km of fog distance.

* Land textures have two modes, dense and sparse.

* Land visible up to 65000 ft where globe model takes over.

* Default textures for land and sea added to graphics directory and allows
scenery with DTM matrix only to be appear with land textures.

* DTM scenery matrix is imported with accurate projection and
is placed correctly on world map.

* Moving from scenery to scenery is smooth and allows dense scenery to
exist inside another scenery, moving between adjacent DTM sceneries is

Scenery design:

* Terrain engine can load objects with exact coordinates using file
objects.txt, this file has the same format as def files but has coordinates
instead of tile units.

* Objects.txt can have other object files inside instead of object name
using anyname.txt makes procedural object possible.

* Support for night objects added, any object can have "_n" version which
loads at night without lighting.

* Objects have an angle parameter added, objects are defined as:
Name, Pos_x, Pos_y, Pos_z, Angle, Scale_x, Scale_y, Scale_z.

* Lights have range parameter added, lights are defined as:
Light, Pos_x, Pos_y, Pos_z, Range, Red, Green, Blue

* FixedArray object added, allowing houses to be made, defined as:
FixeArray, Pos_x, Pos_y, Pos_z, Elements , Width, Height, Size.

* Surface object added, allowing taxiways of arbitrary shape, defined as:
Surface, Pos_x, Pos_y, Pos_z, Angle, Scale_x, Scale_y, Scale_z.

* Radio navigation aids added, a file called navaids.txt is read
from the scenery and loaded as navaids list, thress types of navaids are
supported, ADF, VOR, ILS.

User interface:

* Map has added design mode which allows to view tiles, and objects,
measure coordinates and reload the objects placed in the scenery.

* Map shows sceneries boundaries as well, photo real sceneries shown only
where actual photo exist.

* Map shows navigation aids - ADF, VOR, ILS.

* Map has added export function to export waypoints as VOR, Runways as ADF
and ILS pairs.

* Improved user interface for gliders selection, instead of three dialogs
one is used for selecting, adding, removing, towing, and adjusting gliders.

* Added radio navigation screen, using the menu NAV or the Y key, selection
is assigned to ADF, VOR, ILS instruments on the plane, also showing DME
measurement for NAV1, NAV2 on the plane.

* Adaptive Joystick mode was improved to allow for smooth dead zone transition,
this mode allows smooth non linear joystick input in X,Y,R axes.

* Added option for field of view selection, Realistic field of view selects
45 degree filed of view as default, while non realistic selects 60 degree filed
of view by default.


* Clouds were improved, added full coverage of all the scenery.

* Sea replaced with variable level of detail mesh,
sea and land intersection done with transparency map.

* Support for jpg files added, jpeg files can be used instead of bitmaps.
for land textures, objects and planes.

* Support for dds file added, any object or plane can use transparency maps.

* Added option to resize the user interface, called "Compact GUI"
inside graphics dialog.

* Drawing of smoke and missile trails was improved.

* Drawing of rain was improved to avoid "marching rain" artifacts.

* Drawing of close objects in dense fog was improved.

* Drawing of far objects from inside cockpit view was improved, blinking artifacts
problem resolved.

* Drawing of runways and surface objects is completely flat on the ground, allowing
better blending of runways and taxiways with ground.

Keys and controls:

* Added keys for showing useful dialogs, using keys P,O,I,U,Y,T,Q.

* Added option to prevent toggle of auto-pilot when switching planes,
called "Toggle auto pilot" in graphics dialog.

* Added Slew mode when no plane is selected, uses left mouse drag slews
inside the scenery, with speed depending of simulation rate.

* Left mouse drag adjusts chase distance in chase view.

* Added multiple viewpoint support for airplanes, Shift+F1 shows this menu
for adding, deleting and switching viewpoints, Shift Tab switches viewpoints

* Joystick input is ignored until first input is detected.

* Helium balloon gas filled with F key, dumped with D key, this replaces the
joystick Y axis which now controls pitch.

Airplane improvements:

* Flight model was improved to prevent lock-ups, especially for helicopters.

* Added Ball instrument for better display of artificial horizon.

* Added Accelerometer for display of normal acceleration - called ACCEL.

* Added navigation instruments, and adjustable gyro compass.
instrument names are - GYRO, ADF, VOR, ILS, RMI, NSD, ADI.

* Engine, Autopilot and Light state are saved for all planes in flight.

* Cannon weapons simulated as part of airplane weapons.

* Cannons fire simultaneously.

* Ground handling and water handling improved.

* Bombs are simulated as part of airplane weapons.

* Smoke created on surface after bomb hits.

* CCIP ( continuously calculated impact point ) appears on HUD when bomb is selected.

* Helium balloons have now rudder and elevator control surfaces, flight model was
improved to allow pitch, yaw and roll, gas filling dumping done with keys F,D.

* Panel assigns the selected instruments to ADF, ILS/VOR/NAV1, VOR/NAV2.

* Radio navigation instruments have adjustable scale for HDG, OBS adjustment, this
adjustment is made using the left mouse dragging on the instrument.

* Radio navigation screen in the program adjusts radio frequency selection for the
radio instruments, and also resets the adjustment of the scale.

* All instruments were updated based upon actual instruments.

* All weapons were updated based on typical weapons specs.

Other improvements:

* Eight additional wind layers can be created, using the advanced weather options.

* Individual airplane replays can be saved and loaded.

* Replay can be loaded in original position or in current position.

* Flights are saved and loaded with replays that were loaded into them.

* Replay of flights or gliders made smooth without jumps.

* Flight path was optimized and can store very long path length.

* Flights are saved with radio navigation assignment and adjustment values.

* Flights save all airplane state variables, including flaps, trim and gear.