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Add on planes - gliders and ultra lights
New Add Planes Gliders &
Ultra Lights
& Antique

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Goe-3 Minimoa Author: Brian Ford 
First developed in the 1930s in Germany. One of
the worlds first true high performance soaring aircraft.
Design is based on a later modified type.

This beautiful glider was built by Brian Ford 
Download ( 0.4 MB )  

Maxair Drifter Author: Ilan Papini

The Maxair Drifter is a tandem seating two place in a taildragger, using standard stick and rudder control.
Power is supplied by Rotax 503/582/618 engine located above and behind the wings.
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

The Slingsby T21b Author: Kevin Smith
This model of the Slingsby T21b is dedicated to Derek Moore and the York Gliding Centre ( where the original craft is based).
I hope they will overlook the shortcomings of the model. It is meant to capture some of the spirit of the real thing.
Credit certainly goes to Derek who provided the photos and information which made the model possible.

This model of the Slingsby T21b was built by Kevin Smith , June 2004, Sylvan Lake Alberta.
Download ( 1.2 MB )  

Schleicher KA-8 Glider Author: Victor Egorov
One of the most popular training gliders, the KA-8 is known in almost any gliding club in the world for being a reliable and easy to fly glider, with a demium gliding performace and slow flying speed..

This excellent glider has been made by Victor Egorov
Download ( 0.2 MB )  

The Standard Cirrus Author: Kevin Smith
The Standard Cirrus is a standard class glider (15 meter span without flaps) with airbrakes on the upper wing surface only.
It has an all-flying elevator and a steel-tube frame in the fuselage to which the wings and the main-wheel retraction mechanism are attached.
The wings are of a PVC foam core construction with a fiberglass skin.

This beautiful glider was created by Kevin Smith
Download ( 0.35 MB )  

Storch 4 by A.Lippisch Author: Marcel Aerni
Flying-Wing Design of the famous Alexander Lippisch.
He began in the mid-1920 to experiment with tailless designs.
He build and flew many large scale models before proceeding to full-sized, man-carrying types.
He did also a lot of wind-tunnel test to establish most of the vital requierments for stability and control of such aircraft.
The storch-series was the beginning of many succsessfull developments of witch the most famous is the rocket-driven interceptor Me 163.

Storch 4:
wingspan 12.2m
wing area 18.667 sq m
Aspect ratio 7.97

This fantastic glider has been made by Marcel Aerni
Download ( 0.4 MB )  

HK36 Super Dimona Author: Victor Egorov
Since 1990: beloved and flown around the world:
The series of HK36 Super Dimona (known in the USA and Canada as Kantana X-treme series), the efficient two-seated powered glider made of fiber-reinforced high-tech composite.
Equipped with Rotax engines with 80, 100 and 115 hp (turbo-charged variant), the Super Dimona is perfect for glider pilot training and glider towing.
Manufactured by Diamond industries

This fantastic plane has been made by Victor Egorov
Download ( 0.4 MB )  

Aerolight 103 Ultralight Author: Ilan papini
The Aerolight 103 is a popular and fun to fly single seat ultralight, manufatured by Aeroworks ltd.
This ultralight comes both as a kit and in ready to fly mode, and is the favorite choice by those who wish to enjoy a powerful ultralight with good flying quality at an affordable price.
Download ( 0.35 MB )  

Talon hang glider Author: Jim Rooney
This hang glider has been made using the new trike configuration unlike the older animated hang glider configuration, the wing flies well and the glider is very stable. >
Download ( 0.35 MB )  

Windex 1200 Author: Keith L. Quinney
The Windex 1200 is a small aerobatic motor glider, kit built from composite mouldings, offering excellent performance from a small and economic package.

Press button "c" only whilst on the ground!
See addtional repaints in plane directory.

Beautifully modelled by Keith L. Quinney
Download ( 0.4 MB )  

Spider Author: Guillaume Darier
The Spider is a high preformance paraglider.

The spider was created by Guillaume Darier

Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Eagle Author: Guillaume Darier
The Eagle is a high preformance powered paraglider.

The spider was created by Guillaume Darier

Download ( 0.75 MB )  

Seagull Author: Guillaume Darier
The Seagull is a twin engine HangGlider designed and flown by the author.

The seagull was created by Guillaume Darier

Download ( 0.25 MB )  

Paraplane Author: Ilan Papini
The Paraplane is a high powered slow flying paraplane.
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Trike Author: Ilan Papini
The Trike is a high powered slow flying trike. >
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Download Page:
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This page includes the available add-on planes for Micro Flight, new add-ons will be added to this page from time to time, please check this page on a weekly basis for new add-ons.

These add-on planes will run only on a registered version, before downloading any of these files, please register your version.

All add-ons and flights should be placed into the Micro-Flight directory in order to run