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Dirigible New Author: Jeffery S. Koppe
Santos-Dumont's most successful dirigible with which he won the Deutsch prize for the first controlled flight from the Parisian suburb of St. Cloud, around the Eiffel Tower and back to St. Cloud in less than 30 minutes.

This new version was modified to show the airship control surfaces for Micro Flight and was not the original dirigible.

This beautiful plane was created by Jeffery S. Koppe
Download  ( 0.5 MB )  

USS Enterprise Author: Simon Richardson

The most decorated ship of the Second World War, Enterprise changed the very course of a war she seemed to have been expressly created for.

Originally made for Virtual Sailor by Simon Richardson
Converted to Micro Flight by Pieter Boelen
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Bicycle Author: Ilan Papini
The Bicycle is simple and fun sports bicycle, build for silent rides.
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Porsch Author: Ilan Papini
The Porsch is a fun sports car built for speed and comfortable rides.
Download (0.25 MB)  

Tractor Author: Ilan Papini
The Tractor is a fun tractor built for rugged surfaces and navigation.
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Land Rover Type IIA Author: Richard SantaColoma

The first Land Rover was the Series I of 1947.

It had an 80" wheelbase, and a soft top.

The vehicle here is the type IIA, with a 109" wheelbase. It was built from 1961-71, with few changes.

Power could be 4 cylinder gas, a 2.25 liter diesel.

In 1967 a six cylinder 2.6 liter gas engine was introduced for the station wagon.

In 1969 the headlamps were moved from the grill to the fenders, so the model I've created for Micro-Flight would fall within the 1961-68 range.

This beautiful vehicle was created by Richard SantaColoma

Download ( 0.25 MB )

The white ambulance color scheme is also available here
Download ( 0.25 MB )

Aerocar - Ingenius flying car Author: Richard SantaColoma

There have been several attempts, over the years, to produce a workable flying car. It was generally assumed, in the post WWII boom years, that the American public would take to the skies much like they had taken to the roads between the wars.

What better way to capitalize on this upcoming trend than to combine the best of both worlds... create a car which would double as an airplane?
Molt Taylor's series of Aerocars came further than any other design.

Some actually made it to production and sale.

His second to last effort was the Aerocar III. The true genius of this design is undeniable.

Merely creating a well designed coupe would be a noteworthy achievement. Or how about a stable flying, safe and efficient small plane? But the engineering achievement of combining the two is simply two much to hope for... and yet here it is... Molt did it, and it works.

This beautiful vehicle was created by Richard SantaColoma

Screenshot 2
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

R60/2 BMW Author: Richard SantaColoma
The BMW motorcycle line predates their well known cars by many years. The original design, opposed twin engine and shaft drive, was written in stone in 1923 by designer Max Friz. The Bayerische Motoren Werke had been looking for a motorcyle design after WWI, when allied restrictions forced the firm out of the aircraft engine business. The blue and white emblem, intended to look like a prop spinning in the sun, is the only reminder of those origins.

During WWII, BMW built a rugged and versitile sidcar rig, which actual had a driven sidecar wheel! The sidecar was usually for a gunner, who operated a machine gun from his perch. After the war, Russia made off with most of the Spandau plant, and began construction of the BMW based Ural... you can still buy one today, at a bargain. The rest of BMW production wound up slowly from the rubble, finally making a production bike again in 1950.

After a slow down in overall demand for bikes in the late '60's, the market made a resurgence. BMW was right there with an offering of regal, solid comfort, combined with reliability. They have not deviated far from this vision, and make a welcome change from the gaggle of motorcycle models which seem to forget the answer to the question, "why ride"? It is, for a few, simply to be propelled safely, effortlessly, and comfortably anywhere you want to go.

This beautiful motorcycle was created by Richard SantaColoma

Screenshot 2
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Author: Charlotte Korsnes

The homebuilt vintage automobile from the 1960's movie with the same name.

This add-on comes with two configurations, one for the land vehicle and one for the flying version of this car.

This beautiful flying car was created by Charlotte Korsnes

Screenshot 2
Download ( 0.75 MB )  

Download Page:
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This page includes the available add-on planes for Micro Flight, new add-ons will be added to this page from time to time, please check this page on a weekly basis for new add-ons.

These add-on planes will run only on a registered version, before downloading any of these files, please register your version.

All add-ons and flights should be placed into the Micro-Flight directory in order to run