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Douglas DC-3 Author: Victor Egorov
The Douglas DC-3 is a fixed-wing, propeller-driven aircraft which revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 1940s, and is generally regarded as one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made.

This amazing plane was created by Victor Egorov
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Me-109E-3 Author: Victor Egorov
The Me-109 was the best known and most produced German fighter of World War II. It was the backbone of the German fighter command and ruled the skies over Europe from 1939 to 1941, as Hitler spread his empire over the continent. The Me-109s earned the respect of Germany's enemies in every theater of conflict and were greatly feared by Allied bomber crews during the later half of the war. Designed by Willie Messerschmitt in 1934, the Bf 109 was first flown in September 1935.

The Me-109 was a formidable opponent for the early marks of Spitfire; its low speed handling qualities were excellent and its rate of climb matched the Spitfire. Moreover, it had a higher service ceiling and it had one other major advantage - fuel injection. This allowed the Me-109's power plant to run flawlessly regardless of the aircraft's attitude, unlike the Rolls-Royce engines of early Spitfires, which cut out at the slightest suggestion of negative G. The Messerschmitt had its vices, too: the cockpit was very small, the heavily framed canopy restricted the pilot's field of view and the plane's narrow undercarriage made it extremely prone to ground accidents. Many of the 33,000 Me-109s produced were lost in ground accidents.

This amazing plane was created by Victor Egorov
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Spitfire Mk.1B Author: Victor Egorov
The Spitfire was a low-wing monoplane that was first flown in 1936 and was first put into service with the Royal Air Force in 1938.
It was modified continuously throughout the war to serve in a variety of roles:
fighter (with notable success at high altitudes), fighter-bomber, and photoreconnaissance plane.
The version that entered active service in 1938 had a top speed of about 360 miles (580 km) per hour and an armament of eight .303-inch machine guns.
The Spitfire XIV, one of the last models of the war, had a ceiling of 40,000 feet (12,200 m) and a top speed of 440 miles (710 km) per hour.
(enc. Britannica)

This plane is the most impressive fighter built for Micro-Flight, it is an essential download for any user !

This amazing plane was created by Victor Egorov

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Sopwith Camel 1916. Author: Victor Egorov
The Sopwith Camel was a British World War I single-seat fighter aircraft.
The Sopwith Camel was first built in 1916 by the Sopwith Aviation Company. Approximately 6,000 Sopwith Camels were produced.
It featured a 150 h.p. Gnome 9 cylinder rotary engine, and it was armed with two Vickers .303 inch machine guns mounted in front of the cockpit, firing forward through the propeller disc. It was capable of reaching a speed of 115 mph. There was a fairing surrounding the gun installation which created a hump. It was this hump that led to the aircraft acquiring the name Camel.

This fantastic plane has been made by Victor Egorov
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US Navy N2S3 Stearman Author: Brian Ford 
The N2S3 was one of the US Navy versions of the famous Boeing Stearman PT-17.

This beautiful plane was created by Brian Ford 

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Wright EX, 1911 Author: Jeffery S. Koppe
Wright EX, 1911

The Wright EX was a derivation of the 2nd generation of Wright planes, the Model B. The Model B differed from the Model A by having the elevator moved to the rear of the plane, two small vanes attached to the fore struts for stability, and most importantly of all, the addition of wheels to the landing skids. The EX and its sister the "Baby Grand" were smaller version of the two seater Model B and were specifically designed for racing. A number of both of these planes were built but the EX won eternal fame in the annuals of aviation when Cal Rodgers was the first person to fly from coast to coast across the USA with his EX, the Vin Fiz.

This beautiful plane was created by Jeffery S. Koppe

See more of Jeff's fantastic work at Flying Machines and Port of Call
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