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To update your software do the follwoing:
  1. Download the 7.5 update ( 16 MB )

  2. Install it over your existing Virtual Sailor.

  3. Run the program, if your registration was not found this screen will appear.

  4. Enter your first and last name and email and press "Ask for key".

  5. Your key will be sent to you by mail.

  6. Enter this key into this screen and press the "Activate my key" button.

Version 7.5 adds these features: ( updated on 24/06/2016 )
  • Updated Sea Rendering and Behavior.
  • Updated Weather Rendering.
  • Joystick On/OFF mode with key J.
  • Views Selection with numeric keys.
  • Additional bugs and small fixes.
Version 7.0.1 adds these features: ( updated on 21/01/2007 )
  • Improved dynamics.
  • Absolute hiding of water in cabin.
  • Additional tooltips.
  • Bugs fixed.

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