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About Fire Flight

Fire Flight is a very accurate and engaging flight simulator focused upon aerial fire fighting missions, the program is built around a career of a fire fighting pilot and progresses in difficulty from mission to mission.

The goal of this game is to engage the user in fire fighting flights, and show the demanding and dangerous nature of fire fighting flights.

Fire Flight was inspired by massive forest fires I have witnessed during the past decades in Israel and at my hometown of Haifa.

The Carmel mt' has always been called "the ever green mountain" due to its impressive and vast areas of pines, under these pines we all used to take long hikes, gather mushrooms, and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

All this has changed over the past 10 years or so, and now the pines were mostly replaced by un attractive mediterrainian vegetation and low bushes not providing shade or pleasure to explore.

The most devastating fires, occured on:

November 25, 2016 - Area bunt 32,124 acres, homes destroyed 500+
December 2, 2010 - Area burnt 12,000 acres, homes destroyed 100+, fatalities 44
September 1989 - Area burnt 1,500 acres

The massive fires of 2010 and 2016, have overwhelmed the local fire fighting forces, and required massive international support, this support included dozens of air tankers, and supertankers, which flew intensively for several days and extinguished the fires.

This huge and heroic effort has made such an impression on me, that i decided to create this program in order to give the user some understanding of the types of challenges met by these brave pilots.

I hope that this program will become popular and fun and that it will inspire people to know more about how our climate is changing and how it effects our daily lives.

Ilan Papini, July, 2017


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23/07/17 Version 1.1 of Fire Flight is available, download from Update Section

15/07/17 Version 1.0 of Fire Flight is available, download from Update Section

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