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Fire Flight Updates

The most recent version is Version is 1.5, released on Thursday, August 29, 2017

To get this version download the full update below.

File Size Download
Fire Flight Update 1.5 83.0 MB Download
Fire Flight Update 1.5 83.0 MB Download

Changes for version 1.5

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Added fires on vehicles, and on ground objects, these fires have black smoke and do not spread.
  • Added fire fighting boats, and naval fire fighting missions.
  • Scenery fires can be shared from common folder, including absolute and relative files.
  • Allowing the lowest ranks to fly, and increased capabilities for all ranks.
  • Added many more missions per rank.
  • Fixed object display on map.
  • Fixed grass culling on runways.
  • Added improved Aegean scenery.
  • Increased number of missions for demo.


Changes for version 1.2

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Improved scenery scanning, flight between sceneries and into inner sceneries is possible.
  • Fully compatible with SW Europe scenery, and other VSF sceneries.
  • Greatly improved object loading and instancing.
  • Fixed buttons in mission and flight screens for lower aspect ration displays.
  • Weather changes in editor are applied also to test changes mode.
  • Fire fighting scripts made smarter, planes do not bomb empty locations.
  • Update ground collision avoidance for planes, making automated flights more reliable.
  • Fixed random crash happening sometimes when closing situations.

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